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What do my dreams mean?

OK so i was at Princeton, of all places, and there was this guy, well in real life hes a pro hockey player on the flyers (alexandre picard) but he wasnt a famous guy in my dream, and we were like holding hands and acting all chummy, but there was this other guy, who was trying to ruin our date, which was this building thing that you needed a reservation to get in...at princeton... and he was like trying to sneek in to stop me from seeing him or something

it was pretty freakin weird

i was already dating this guy (pro hockey god patrick eaves)... and we were seriously dating like no cheating or nothing... but then this other guy comes in the picture (AJ Thelen) the and my friend likes him.. and were like fighting over him its like thanksgiving and i want to sit next to the other guy... but my friend wants to sit there too... we pretty much fight over the guy but in the end... i keep the guy i had and she gets the new guy

i have alot of hockey dreams too

If youre looking for a psychoanalytical answer, which is the form of psychology most accociated with Dream Analysis, then your dreams might be an expression of feelings or desires that you feel are too "inappropriate" to think about while you conscious (awake)and so push into your unconscious mind. Jungian psychology would then say that these repressed thoughts and desires are expressed by the images and emotions you see and feel in your dreams.The images you see in your dreams are symbols for the "archetypes" you are having trouble dealing with / repressing. Archetypes are the basic themes that connect all humans regrardless of where you live or when you were born. For example: The Hero Archetype can be easily recognized in any culture ei: Superman, Buffy, Beowolf, Hercules. These fictional people are all very similar in what they represent, yet were created by people who lived 1000's of miles and 1000's of years apart. So to get back to your dream, The reaccuring Hockey theme connected with you desire to be with a hockey players and what seems to be some idolization (which includes the desire to be like a hockey player) sounds like a reference to "the Animus", an archtype that represents the Masculan side of a Female (every man and woman have both a masculan and feminin side) The "other guy" trying to ruin you date sounds like "the Shadow", which represent a place where you push all the things you dont like or dont want to accept about yourself. The Shadow is often represented by a "Badguy" like figure. This other guy probably wasnt very attractive or likeable. Anyway, put it together and it sounds like your dealing with a very normal young girl issue, which is the desire to express the masculain side of yourself conflicting with the fear that you might end up doing or becoming something "unacceptable" to you and how you think a girl should be, ei. too Tomboyish or something. I know this seems farfatched, you probably want to hear, " It means youre going to marry alexandre picard", but its one possible explaination for the dream. If youre feeling like youre dealing with some of those issues, then you might want to consider it as an answer. As for being raped in a dream, it really depends on the emotions you felt during the dream. If you were horrified then it represent being so frieghten by the idea of rape that you will not even let you conscious think about it happening to you. If you were aroused by it, which believe it or not would not be too uncommon, if might represent repression of strong sexual desires. You might believe that having very strong sexual desires, desires so strong that you might "lose control" is wrong, so you repress ever feeling that way and end up having those desires expressed in your dream as "out-of-control" sex.

Well i hope that was in someway helpful, feel free to ask me anything if you want to! bye!

Looks like you have some self esteem issue, and you may have some proud ego. That may be why you are dreaming of fighting for relationship.

Venting out in dream is a release of hidden personalities. In your case, this may be your personality. Or simply put, you may be in need of getting attention from others.

unless an angel comes to you in dream with a message from God dont sweat it. Your mind is just gettin rid of the days events. I have had some weird ones and some horrible ones usally its alot of things combine your fears, things that happen thata day fantaises. ect. lots of stuff. Chill dont worry unless your friend is shady

Probably doesn't mean anything because it seems too far-fetched to me.

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