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What do my dreams mean? Easy 10 points?

I always have dreams that I'm with people. Friends, crushes, or people I don't even know.

We are always in a school or store or beach, or some public place that I don't recognize.

We are always running from some greater authority. (Like the cops, aliens, monsters, parents, or teachers)

What do my dreams mean? Please help. I really need to know this. Easy 10 points to a good answer?

Your dreams mean the same thing that anyone's dreams mean--"nothing." Dreams are consolidations of memory; there are no dream interpretation studies that show any validation. When you dream it is your brains way of a) consolidating memories from the day--including things you did not purposely attend to and b) using memory so you don't lose it.

As for b) think about if you have ever tried a foreign language. If you do not use the language for a while you lose the ability to speak it (assuming you weren't fluent first). The brain will find memories (e.g., memories of people, events, etc.) that you haven't used in a while and use them during dreaming. It comes out as a story because that is better for memory (it is deeper rehearsal). Who knows why you are being chase, though the likely answer is that nightmares are actually GREAT for memory consolidation because they increase the hormone known as cortisol, which is NECESSARY for the efficient consolidation of memory. This is why, generally, we remember nightmares better.

I can tell you in advance that people will try to make up stuff about what your dreams mean. They are lying or just guessing. Dream interpretation research is miserably inaccurate to the point that the only people who consider it reliable are the same people who think that leprechauns sew underwear at night.

NO it does not mean you are wary about the company you keep. That's silly.

one one who can interpert ur dreams would be u only , I dont know the things tht happend , is happening , gonna happen in ur life , dreams are connected with ur previous experiences , so sit there and think hard about it :)

i guess it might mean that you are yourself wary about the company that you keep..

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