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What do dreams mean?

Some people believe that dreams are what your inner person wants, and on another r
Question he/she said that she thought that it was god or ancestors trying to guide us through this life.

Don't know whether I believe that but I do believe they have significance of our desires, worries or it acts as a guide.

E.g. I had a dream about my family dying so I thought I should treat them better. I also have dreams about hot girls I fancy and stuff so that falls under desires.

What do you believe?

"dreams are said to be the minds way of making sense of the various types of input with which it has had to cope."

"the function of dreams seems to be balance of the physiological and psychological activity within us."

"it has been suggested that dream interpretation is like learning anew language; this is very true, except that the language is already known to us and is simply a matter of relearning it."

I actually believe dreams interpret your feelings, thoughts and fears in your waking world. I have always had a fascinated wonder in the strangeness of dreams, so I began to look up the meanings of them, and realized how close to the truth my dreams are. The human mind is very imaginative, and remember, your brain never stops working. So in your sleep, what does it do? Think, in the process of dreams. Its like analyzing a picture, or written piece. Think about a simile or metaphor? You read between the lines, look for the things that aren't I'd directly, but are there.

According to a famous psychologist named Freud.

'Dreams often represent unfulfilled desires or wishes'

so basically what he is saying is that our dreams are what we want

errr no, dreams are random thoughts from your brain when you sleep. Your brain defrag your memory when you are sleeping. This causes random thoughts to pop up in your brain which is what we call dream. Basically, dream has no meaning, just random thoughts.

Dreams mean you are sleeping.


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