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What do dreams mean/ resemble ?

last night i had a dream my friends and i were playing hide and seek in his house , and when he oppened the closet the demon from the movie insidious popped out and took my friend then i woke up, in the movie the demon is like a giant beast with horns that is suppose to represent the devil , should i be worried about my self or friend because i had this dream ? or am i just over reacting

No, Dave, there is no reason to worry about your friend. Your dream is influenced by the horror movie images in your memory.

Although we could push these images to find some symbolic meaning, the dream is most likely nothing more than a scary dream, playing with the monster-in-the-closet cliche. More importantly, dreams are always about the dreamer. So on the symbolic level, your friend in the dream represents some part of yourself, and the boogie-man in the closet represents your own fear. There is no actual threat to either of you.

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