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What do dead rabbits mean in dreams?

I am walking with my one year old daughter and I am barefoot... I end up in a vaccant lot full of trash which I have trouble walking through since I was barefoot. Even though there is alot of thing on the floor I notice the dead rabbits the most... What can this mean?

I started walking in the first place because I was looking for my daughters pacifier...

RABBITS are an ancient fertility symbol. This creature had been chosen to represent fertility simply because it breeds prolifically. You may have wondered why Easter Bunny brings eggs? Because eggs are a fertility symbol. Fertility was the main concern of our forbears (!) since without it both nature and mankind would perish. All the fertility rites were aiming at procreation and a plentiful harvest.

So what do you think a dead rabbit might mean? Well, let me first say that dreams play a game of ASSOCIATION. So look at the setting of your dreams and all the items you, the dreamer, is associated with.

The first association is the BABY DAUGHTER and her pacifier. These two are reminding you of childbearing, of procreation, of fertility and indeed all that goes with it including pacifying.

Second comes being BAREFOOT. No matter what else FEET may mean, they are a very sexy item on the body and in your case suggest 'walking' about unprotected where you usually would be solidly shielded.

Thirdly comes the TRASH of the vacant lot. You have trouble crossing this vacant lot. Among this trash is a DEAD RABBIT. In short it is the end of the fertile period and all the trash is the broken up ovum and what else goes with it. ‘Vacant’ in this connection suggests vacating, even vacuuming, emptying, clearing. I am sure you will now know the full context of your dream.

In dreams dead rabbits can stand for two things.
1. The death of a friend is troubling you
2. Your lust for someone is very great and you want to act on it

It may mean that you ate too much for supper!

Apparently dreams may occur due to memory consolidation - combining different memories, transforming them to a long-term storage and so on and so forth.

So sometimes we may have the weirdest dreams, but they don't necessarily mean anything.
Probably everyday stress, strong concern over particular issues or eating too much before going to sleep affect the process of dreaming. I wouldn't worry.

of a rabbit :failure of enemies
a rabbit running : change of occupation
several rabbits on the run:very good business ventures
eating rabbits :will quarrel with a friend
shooting rabbits : happiness
having rabbits in own back yard: great friendship

i found these meanings in a dream book.

your pregnant. Back to the 50's and prior a rabbit was used to determine if someone was pregnant.

Get that dream out of your head and you are ok.\\

No more pacifier for your daughter. that is the message

You are trying to "pacify" your passion or sexuality- rabbit
But if you do so it will back up- the trash all around
If you do, you'll KILL it. - DEAD rabbit

You need to find a healthy outlet for whatever you're trying to push away.

You need to go to a site that offers dream interpretation, I think its a sign of weakness or fear of some sort of anxiety your having about ur life?

That's interesting. I had a dream about dead rats one time.

It means stay away from Turtle soup.

her stuffed bunny, peter, will go missing in a few days.

don't even attempt to save him, he's already dead.

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