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What dit mean when you dream of vampires.?

i didnt know if i was or wasnt a vampire. anyways another vampire attacks me. 2 days before tht i dream tht i was turning someone into one. for some reason i keep dreaming of vampires even though i dont think of them

It's happened to me tons of times, it is normal. Usually when it happens, it means your subconsious
is telling you something. It could mean you are lacking sleep. Also, it could mean you might feel left out of society, so to speak. Like no one is understanding you at the moment. On the other hand, it could mean you are feeling alone. Don't worry, it'll pass.

vampires are usually a symbolism in dreams that mean that someone or something is sucking out the energy off you. people with addictions (whether is it food or drugs) usually dream with vampires.

It means you will write about a vampire and a girl who fall in love and make everyone angry cuz it's a really bad story.

It means you like the mystery and elegance that comes with vampires. Traditional vampires that is. Your subconscious wants mystery and excitement.

LMAO..I agree with the guy who said you have been watching too much twilight.

Nothing... I once dreampt of aliens fighting robots.

it means that you've been watching too much twilight haha

zit means you want to be suck

you're going insane

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