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What dies this dream mean?

Ok so, im on a school field trip, with my friend, we get onto the bus with a vaccum thing, then the girl i liek is just sortof on the bus, we get on the freeway, the roof dissapears, nobody mentions it, and in th middle of the free way there are a few people playing cribbage on a coffee table?

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To ride a bus or any vehicle symbolizes the journey of your life. If there are some people you know who are in the vehicle with you then it means you think of them to be an important part of your life. A roof usually symbolizes protection of your mind and it's personal opinions, thoughts, feelings and views. The fact that the girl you like was on the roof of the bus and not inside the bus could mean that you are not letting her inside your mind. Maybe it means that you are not letting her know what your real thoughts are and keep her away from it. The fact that the roof disappears along with her means that you are only preventing her to know what your real thoughts are and not the people on the bus. Otherwise, you are usually open about yourself. To see a vacuum in your dream means that you need to become/ you are learning to become responsible for your thoughts, words and actions.
The freeway symbolizes the path of your life. In the middle of the freeway there were a few people there playing crib.on a coffee table. The fact that it came on the middle of the freeway (the symbol of your life) means that you are thinking about making the right choices for your life. That is because card games are usually about making right choices. A coffee table symbolizes togetherness with your friends. If the people you saw were someone you know then it could mean that you are close to them and you want to discuss what are the right choices for your life with them. If you don't know them then it means that if you wanna discuss about important decisions for your life, you would want to do it with someone like them.

That's what I think your dream could mean. I'm not sure if I'm right so don't take it seriously.

Take care. ^_^

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