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What could this strange dream mean?

So, in my dream I was participating in a writing workshop, and we had sent our stories (I don't know where) in order to receive a little present. So, I get there, and the teacher says "Guess who the winners are!"...and so, I am # 3 and my present is...a Bible. With baby pictures in it! Every page had beautiful smiling babies...it was really weird. I was happy an dall, but the Bible with babies...what do you think it means?
Anyway...just curious xD
Have a nice day!

Typically our dreams reflect our own subconscious. From this account of the dream I gather that you have not reconciled with your inner child. This means that you don't want to accept adulthood and wish that you were a child again. This is very common, but it was interesting that the symbol of the child manifested itself in a Bible. This could be because you are a christian and you inherently believe that children of God are the most innocent form of childhood. You wish that you could go back to your childhood and change some decisions you made in life, but this is completely normal as most everybody feels the same way. As for the writing workshop, that was merely a front created by your mind to properly create a situation to display the symbol of your inner child. Hope this helps!

As a Christian, I can really relate to your dream. Often babies represent the birth of someone's dream. Using biblical knowledge to encourage other believers in Jesus to get the training to improve their talents or to step out in faith to use those talents may be what the Holy Spirit is asking you to do. In addition, the more Bible knowledge we have the easy it becomes to speak the appropriate word to those around us and even interpret other's dreams as Daniel, Joseph and others did in the Bible.

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