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What could this random dream mean?

a few weeks ago i had a really odd dream and i still think about it. it is really random so hang in there
it started off i was working at a Chinese labor camp with my 7 year old sister, in real life my sister is 17 and looks nothing like my dream sister, anyways we were being forced to clean out gutters along side a dirt road with spatulas and flyswatters, she found a Hershey cookies and cream candy bar and tried to hide because we were starving, and the guard that was watching over the group whipped her and took it, soon after i found an American 20 dollar bill and was able to stash it on my person, then it goes somewhat into the future and instead of buying food with the money i bought her a bra and gave it too her and she acted like it was the best thing in the world...it wasn't a training bra or sports bra, it was at least a C cup Victoria Secret looking type. then it jumps and we aren't at the camp anymore we have a small house looks like from the same area as the first part, i am getting ready for a date with my boyfriend who looks nothing like anyone i know, in reality i am married, then he is in my house i asked him what he did for a living he told me he was a ventriloquist, and then says he has to get ready and goes into my room. he comes out a few moments later and he has turned into a ventriloquist dummy, walking around and talking with the same voice but looks like a doll. fore ward a little more and we are all at a movie, not a theater but it has fold able metal chairs and a projector shining onto a white sheet on the wall. there were not many people there but we sat in the middle and before the movie starts just after the lights got turned off i pull out a glass pipe and start smoking what i assumed was marijuana... some people complained and i apologized profusely saying that i didn't even notice i had done it, and got up and headed towards the door, as soon and i shut the door behind me i woke up

i tried dream dictionaries and looking online but cant find most of the meanings for the symbols and objects in the dream, any insight would be appreciated or if you know of a better place to search
thank you

Shows insecurity, frustration and fear of failure.. Try to be happy

I shall explain dream mechanism in simple way. suppose you are thirsty, you will not dream water, you will dream some scary which will wake you up, so that you can drink water. An other case is you may dream of some thing which is not possible in your practical life. this time thirsty is not on priority because your brain knows the level of electrolyte contents. you can ignore random dreams as many as you can to gain confidence.

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