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What Could This Dream Mean?!?

Alright, it was me, and my two best friends janet and marina, we are in the field next to my old home, and we are scared to death running from planes dropping bombs, i thought it might be war or something i don't know, we are the only ones around. it is very terrifying bombs are dropping all around us, we can look up in the sky and see them coming right down near us, no one is hit, but it was truly terrifying. towards the end of the dream i try to convince my friends to come inside the house with me, but they wont. the dream ends with a member of the church i used to belong to picking us up and dropping us off a few blocks away from our homes. now i'm starting to think this is a religious dream im very confused. please help.

Your final hope in your conscience is your Faith with God, you get under the shelter and your friends don't go with you, Perhaps you are worried your friends don't trust you.The final refuge you recieve is someone from your old church. Perhaps that means that Christ is the ultimate Savior. The whole dream seems to be that you are worried your friends don't come to God and recieve his protection with you. Try asking your friends if they believe that god would save them from utter destruction.

i had a dream like that only it was behind what was supposed to be my school & me & a bunch of other people were hiding in these things that looked like little metal crates on wheels, but they had no tops on them, we were just hiding in blankets & other stuff in them. & there was like a mini war going on on both sides & there were bombs being dropped & arrows being shot. i was terrified for my life in the dream even though there were a lot of other people who were convinced that we'd be safe in those things hiding but no one got hurt in this dream either. i personally think it means school=chaos & death (JK, i don't really know how to explain what it means but i'm pretty sure yours might be a religious dream, though i don't know how else to explain it)

It is just another random dream... I had a dream that i was taking Spanish (as a class) and then i switched to French. Then i found it was too hard so I tried to switch back to Spanish but they wouldn't let me... Bottom line. I don't take French or Spanish. It was just another weird dream

It is a dream about christ, But, it could also mean how you should get to know the church member more, he or she might save your life some day?

It might be that you're trying to run away from something that you don't want anyone to know a secret that you have?

Maybe it's telling you to go back to church. Talk with a minster about it.

have you been going to church?...if u didn't than start going cuz that wats its telling u!

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