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What could this dream mean?

I had this strange dream. First things first, I was in a new house. It was in the same town I already live in, but in the dream I had just moved from the next town. I had this strange feeling, and I really wanted to leave this town. Now, apparently, I had bought a watch. I didn't sream about buying a watch, but in my 'dream knowledge,' I knew that I had just bought it. Mom said blood had come out of it. Somehow I ended up at some kind of pryamid, and there was an Egyptian kid who was in power for some reason. There was only one way to the top of the pyramid, and it was some dangerous roller coaster thing where it would make jumps to different parts of the track as it moved up. I somehow survived that, and made it to the top of the pyramid. There was someone who had something on his arm, talking about when it died, the soul never left it, so I knew that was where the blood came from. Also with him was some girl, the one who I 'knew' had sold me the watch. So I ended up outside. The pyramid was bright yellow, and it reflected the sun, so I could barely see. There was a girl there, who I knew was not one of the 'bad guys.' She told me the way out is through the roller coaster couch thing. So I went back up and the prince (the little kid) was there, along with some dirty, bearded man that they all called 'doctor.' We sat on the couch, they made jokes about how scared I was, and we went down. It fell off, showing a spectacular image of the prince falling to his death. A menu appeared allowing me to retry. So I did, and we were at the top again. Suddenly, the doctor stood up and sprinted away. "Doctor, where ya going?" I called out. Then I looked behind me and saw three people there. One of them grabbed me, but I wiggled free and took off running. Suddenly, a big one popped out from a corner in the hall, handed me a metal bucket of water or something, and grabbed me. I tried to get away, but he was too strong. When I tried to throw the water on his face, it was stuck in the bucket. Finally, he sent me to the ground, and one of the tree from behind the roller coaster couch came up and crouched on the floor next to me. Somehow I knew he had changed sides, and was gonna help me escape. He said quietly- "are we gonna run, senor?" So we stood up and took off down the hall. Suddenly I ended up in the back room of the house I live in now, and I was trying to unlock the door. This is the creepy part- when I was unlocking the door, it made the exact sound. A tape player couldn't have reproduced that sound so accurately, and it felt real, even the spots where the deadbolt catches on stuff, I could feel them. So me and this person got into the back yard, and we went around the front of the house. I suddenly had a garden hose, and I was spraying it in the yard. I peered around to the front porch to see if anyone was outside. After that, me and the person walked ou to my car, and I woke up.

What does it mean?

What i realize is that dreams are a gateway into the sub-conscience. So if you watched a movie sometime in maybe the last week or so that had to do with pyramid's or young prince's that could part of it. Or if you watch a scary movie or experienced something scary. That could be the reasoning for your watching and the blood coming out of it. I just believe that your dream shows you that you have a very active imagination. This is nothing to be afraid of. I have the same kinds of dreams where they seem so real. The only difference is about a day to a week later i experience that dream for real. Just remember that your dream is nothing to fear. Just remember that your dream is your own. I think that your dream sounds fun. So one thing to know is that it is just a dream. If you want to know more about it talk to a professional. But i think that you just have an active imagination. So...OWN IT! Hope this helped.

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