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What could this dream have meant?

Well I had this dream years ago but it still scares me to this day.. I always have dreams that I'll be in a house or somewhere and I'll walk past the front door and I'll see something scary outside like an old scary woman and I'll run to close the door and shell run towards the door and I'll struggle to close it and she's trying to get in... Well that time I had a dream I was too late to close the door and a man with a chainsaw was inside the house and I ran to a room and closed the door and I was screaming at it to leave me alone and not to kill me it was really scary.. Well all of a sudden I someone told me to pray and I did and everything calmed down and I went outside the room and there was a man sitting on the couch and he was looking at me with no expression in his face and told me you have now experience the power of god and all he can do for you then I woke up.. I don't understand what this could have meant? Any ideas?

what a interesting dream :) Well obviously you are either religious, or if not, your subconscious is convincing you that you want to be(or should be). Don't worry about a scientific answer, for I am sure I can easily get one, just think of the spiritual meaning behind it. There is probably something bothering you whether you are aware of it or not, and you know you need the help of G-d.

Wow, crazy dream!

The house in your dream is really your own soul or self.
you feel a lack of control in your waking life..you're probably having 2nd thoughts about a decision you've recently made.
something or somone is blocking your progress in life. It could also mean that something is ending in your life, or that you're done with something. Maybe that was your last dream of this type? or maybe you're changing your life for God, if you're religious? You're taking a new path.

Your dream is also telling you that tough lessons need to be learned.

This stranger in your dream offered you advice. "You now experience the power of God and all he can do for you."

Have you recently became a Christian or have prayed to God? He's talking back or someone is letting you know that he hears you. "Ask and Ye shall receive." :)

The answer is simple and anyone who tells you anything else is telling you a lie
God talks to people in many ways and one of those ways that I have noticed is through dreams
God has told you that you need to get stuff in order
If you have already accepted jesus christ as your lord and savior then the idea of the dream is that you don't talk to god about your problems
He wants to know what's going on in your life and wants to help you with all of your problems
The best thing you can do is listen and pray

dreaming of god usually is a sign that you have strong faith and if you continue to pray believe in god things will get better.. the dream could be a test of your faith to overcome things that frighten you.

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