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What could my dream mean?

Okay, so for about a year, iv'e been absolutely crazy about this girl. She recently moved 1000 miles away, and sometimes i still have strong feelings for her, but most of the time they're just hidden behind a barrier i built. Anyhow, the other night i had a dream that I was leaning in a door jam, looking into a living room. The room was fairly dim lit, but i could see everything. This girl was there, and there was also a child, about 5 years old. He ran to her, and she crouched down to pick him up. She then held the child, who was a boy. I remember smiling in the dream. It may mean nothing, but if anyone has any idea what it could mean, if it does mean something, id appreciate an answer.Thank you.

Im sure it means you really care for her and it makes you happy when shes happy even though you can't reach her physically. The door could also symbolize the "barrier you built". It could also mean thats shes found happiness where she is, I know that sounds crazy since you have no idea how she is but there are many amazing things about dreams that we don't know how or why things happen in our dreams. I wish i could give you advice, but i'm just like you. I also built a barrier on a girl whom i had 12 dreams about AND I am in no contact with her anymore. Good luck my friend

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