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What could my dream mean?

Like every other dream i have, this dream is a bit distorted and jumps around from one scene to another however this is the first dream that i have where i saw a headstone with my name on it. I can vaguely remember the beginning but i here are the parts of my dream in sequence:
I was at a shopping center where i worked and the people i worked with were sisters of an ex best friend (which ive never worked with in my life), and another close friend that i did work with from 2006-2008 in a nearby city, and we were discussing who would work the saturday shift. I also remember running into another friend that i have who's a good friend, but not someone i talk to on a daily basis (shes more of a ill see you on your b day or when there's a gathering friend, and so i remember talking to her and she invites me to go down to the coast for a few days to celebrate her small business and its success, yet in reality this girl works at a Dr's office, ok then my dream veers off into a really nice condo that i was moving into but that was short and there wasn't too much detail about that. The last bits i can remember is of me walking down a busy street perhaps in a downtown area, and some one handed me a flyer, and at that point i noticed that the people around me became really aggressive and overbearing to one another so i stop at this intersection and this girl starts talking to me, and she starts to imply that i am in denial about something, but never does she tell me that i am dead. So in a panic i i run away and the before i know it im alongside a cemetery and im drawn into the yard. Theres this old black hearse that pulls into the yard over other graves and at the very place the hearse stopped, the headlights shunned down on to a headstone. I take a peek at the copper red stone and see a part of my last name, so i sweep off the dirt from the stone, and i see my last name first, then my first name, and underneath is what appears to be my birth and death date but all i can make out is my death year which read 2008. That was over 2 years ago. m Once i saw that stone, i began praying and the before i knew it the stone was gone and the man who was driving the hearse appears and starts fiddling with a nearby grave, and then i realize im not dead, and i wake up. What could the tombstone with my name resemble? all answers are appreciated

There's no need for fear. Dreams use metaphors and symbols, which are often mistaken for literal messages. All the people whom you carefully identify represent people other than who they appear to be, and many of them reflect different parts of yourself.

Most of what you describe is only mental housekeeping. Your subconscious mind sifts and sorts the thoughts and emotions of the day. These dreams have no special meaning.

The first detail that should be noticed is when you are handed a flyer, which indicates a message coming to you in the dream. Then the girl (a part of yourself) tells you that you are in denial. That is something to notice.

The entire sequence about seeing your name on a tombstone follows. This should not be taken literally, as a warning of death in the future. Instead, this is a metaphor about some change that has already taken place in your life that you are denying. It could be something related to growing out of childhood or youth; for instance, suppose you graduated two years ago, but continue to behave as if you were a teenager. In that case, the message of the dream would be that your student life is "dead;" it is finished, and you need to move forward into adult life.

It is your task to determine exactly what the metaphor of death means in your own life. Are you clinging to a "dead" relationship? Are you holding onto a dead career or trying to live in a past that no longer exists?

This is a good dream that is working hard to get your attention. It's time for you to listen.

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