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What can this dream mean?

I was walking out at night with my aunt and cousins..we went to another relative and i rememberd being offered oranges, idk if i ate but my cousins ate..it smelled rly good..anyways we left out to the garden and the garden hose was broken and ifixed it..all this water was gushing out..I remebered how it felt, a peaceful chilly summer night seeing the garden even though its dark etc..
Also I dreamt I went on a field trip or something then i was in a library..walking in the library..i saw some of my classmates and we were studying on the computer and on the desk,I particularly remember seeing a book titled "psychology."
does this mean anything

I usually try to interpret dreams!

Okay, for your first dream, Seems like the oranges symbolize a different path. You were offered a choice with others and you were the only one that didn't choose this path. You are different and have higher expectations. As for the water hose; no matter how messy things are or get you will try to resolve any situation.

As for your second dream, You being in a library can symbolize that you keep to yourself even when others are around and as for psychology, you love to help people and this interests you and maybe this is where you stand.

Hope I helped

Laila Mohammad

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