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Weird travel dream-any ideas as to meaning? (long)?

I was on a train ride up north. Husband was there, but in the dream I only saw him once or twice. It was beautiful outside-trees, rivers, mountains. Beauty everywhere. I remember hearing someone on the loudspeaker talking about a glass bridge that was once used, but has been closed down. They said if you look through the trees you can see it. I opened these russet colored velvet draperies and looked through a picture window. (still on the train, but stopped because no scenery was going past) There was a beautiful blue river below and spanning it was this bridge. Made of metal and glass. The sides/walls of the bridge were glass blocks, and the framework was metal. They were aged/cloudy, but still beautiful. I saw the floor (?) of the bridge and knew it was also made of glass, but it was dirty and if I walked on it, I knew it would break.

The scene changed and I was outside. The train was stopped for a break and we were allowed to stretch our legs. Then husband and I were in a rowboat, (I didn't see him, but knew he was there) but I don't remember any oars, but we were moving. No motor, no sails. We were on a slow moving river, and I was thinking how beautiful the scenery was. I dipped my hand into the cool water and it felt soooo good. I wanted to jump in. I looked up ahead and there was a kind of a pen in the water for swimming creatures. Kind of like a "Shamu" pen if you've ever been to Sea World. But more natural. There were 3 grizzly bears swimming in the water, lazily. Their fur was wet and I remember seeing the ends of their fur shining like silver.

Then I remember hurrying back to the train. I was thinking...OMG we're going to be late and miss the train! Sure enough the train had just pulled out of the station. We went inside and husband promptly disappeared, going to sightsee in the station/museum kind of building. I spoke to one of the workers and asked if they could call the train back. He told me no, but they would be waiting for us in Eugene and we can take a taxi up there to Eugene. I asked them if I could simply stay overnight and catch the next one. They said "No, because it's not the same train and your belongings will not be on the train." I am getting pretty stressed out at this point. I asked how much a taxi would be. The man told me to go outside and ask. As I approached the door, an older woman whispered to me, "Talk to the first car-they will deal with you" I went to the 3rd car instead and was told it would be 1400 dollars to drive up to Eugene. I gasped and felt my insides tighten up. I went to the second car and this woman was there. If you've ever seen the Muppets, she looked like a human version of Janice in the Electric Mayhem Band. Blonde-hippie type. She said she could get us there for 1000 bucks.

At this point I'm thinking, I don't have that kind of money in my checking account, and I don't have a credit card to cover it. I am near tears now and almost frantic. I am thinking..."Well, i could write a check and hope it didn't come through till I got paid" Then I realized that my wallet and all my belongings are on the train. I have nothing, no money, no cell phone, nothing. i am stuck in this town and no way to get out. Husband is no where to be found. I burst into tears, frustration, anger, sorrow, worry. all the emotions rolled into one. And then I woke up.

Is there something bothering you? This dream strongly indicates stress.

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