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19 weeks & having dreams...what does it mean?

Im 19 weeks pregnant, don't know what I'm having. I want it to be a surprise but the next time I go back to the doctor the hubby is dying to know what we are having, this is baby #2. We already have a 2 year old son. But however, I keep having dreams of the baby. One night I had a dream I delivered the baby but couldn't see the gender, I only seen the features such as complexion and hair and eyes. But not the gender. No more since last nite. Last night I dreamed that I had a baby boy.
Has this happened to anyone? What does this mean?

nothing! it was a dream...maybe you are reinacting when you had your first son in some way but other than that it doesn't mean anything

Before i found out what i was having, I had dreams all the time & Couldn't figure out what the baby was.
Once i found out, i was having a boy, i had nothing but girls dreams.
Not trying to depress you but they don't mean anything, your hormones are on a rampage, which makes for weird dreams.

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