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Wedding dress dream meaning?

what does it mean when you dream that you are in a wedding dress? i had a dream about a week ago that i was somewhere with lots of people my dad was by me and did not realize what was going on. I went to the bathroom in this place where i was and then saw that i was wearing a white wedding dress and was fixing my veil. I guess i was at my wedding but then i woke up well you see i am not engaged or anything like that i don't know what i dreamed that.

Dear Blimpie,
Dreams are about something inside of you, so it doesn't matter that you are not engaged in your outer life. Being wed in a dream is about finding love inside of yourself. The dream is an opportunity to explore finding that love. To really say more about the dream I would need to know what you felt in the dream when you saw that you were the bride. This feeling is the key to finding that love.
Bill St.Cyr

Maybe you saw a wedding in a movie, or a friend talked about it, or a dres syou saw reminded you of a wedding dress...in that sense your mind was just thinking of things that it remembers from the day

It could mean that you like someone and don't know it, that you want to be married but are a little scared, that you may meet someone...

It could mean a lot of things. Dreams are vast and sometimes have no meanings at all.

It could mean you're spending too much time on YA Weddings! (ha ha)

I don't know what it means but I have odd dreams quite frequently. Something got into your subconscious, maybe a movie or book or something.

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