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Wat is the meaning of this dream?my b.f n me broke up!?

i dreamed dat before last night tht i had a breakup with my boyfrd!n he is going away from me!wat is the meaning of this dream.m really scared as i d'nt want to loose him!plz tell me someone.if u can!

First off do not take your dreams too seriously. There is no one way to interpret them and have it set in stone. It can really mean just about what ever you want it to.

People in your dream represent different aspects of your self. The closer the person is to you, the more meaningful or important this aspect is. To dream that you break up with a boyfriend symbolizes that a large part of your masculine self is gaining distance from your greater (whole) self.

It can also symbolize anxiety in that you fear that you and boyfriend may actually break up. It might also mean that a part of you wants to actually break up. It might also mean a lot of other things too.

Usually when you dream something that is taken from you that is facing a fear that is living in your consciousness. To face this fear, the best thing to do is be okay with it. If you are okay with it then the obsession of keeping him will turn into jealousy and heartache. If you are okay with whatever happens then the ease of just being with him for just now or forever will be what it is, no more and no less. To you get me. It is better to be relaxed with love than to try and possess it. Possessing it doesn't work and will only drive him away.

Well first of all, remember it was just a dream!

To see your boyfriend in your dream, represents your waking relationship with him and how you feel about him.

So you may be feeling like your relationship isn't going very well right now, and if things do not change soon that it could result in a break up.

Dreams aren't predictions or fortune tellings. They show what your subconcious knows / fears. You either want to break up with him (which you said you didn't), or you're afraid of it happening. It doesn't mean anything unless you want it to.

dream does not predict future, it often reflects your concerns

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