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Vampire dream meaning?

I have a dream about, a vampire who wants to drink my menstrual blood 2 times a day. and i gave him. the vampire being nice to me like we love each other. what does this dream means?

Two things # 1 there is way to much out now re; vampires and love. Think of it there is no true love what soever w/ the vampires in any scenario everyone is somehow their victim. Remove all videos, music etc re: vampires. They are not friendly and have demonic control issues. Drinking blood comes from a capital sin that has to do w/ the breaking of 2 commands in the word of God. Innocent bloodshed and a direct command not to drink blood not even animal blood much less human blood which is even more defilement. Something or someone is trying to get you into a blood pact. This is not good remove any and all aspects of this from your life. Also if your a young lady or a virgin who is around evil something or someone is trying to rob you of your God given destiny.

it means you should stop watching twilight

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