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The meaning of my dream?

In my birthday party, that my gal pals are doing the music and songs while 3 of my crushes were also there...they wore a nice tuxedo and black long pants...one of them brings a box of pencil for me,another one of them brings a box of G-tech pen for me..and the last one gives me an expensive watch to wear...sad to say it's only a dream...what do these all mean?

Greetings from the realm of thoughts..! I have come to give you the meaning of your dream. The birthday party is a big celebration that concerns you and your family. The ladies (your pals) are people who either envy you,despise you, or truly love and care for you as a friend. The 3 crushes are male friends or male relatives. The one who brought you a box of pencil is a shadowy character who has no good plans for you, he has intention of harm and must be avoided. The one with a tech pen is a firm person who resolves to help and protect you from the man with pencils. The third man who gave you a watch is a male friend or a male relative who has good plans for you and your future. However, he wants you to become conscious of time - for it is truly precious to him. He can help you succeed and attain a brilliant life if you can learn to deal with him. This is the message that your dream wants you to know,

i would think a new begining due to the birthday party and good luck because of the gifts

They have no imagination when it comes to gift giving. I am from India.

in 3 days a witch will knock your door and kidnap you!

well you'll have to choose one crush and never trust your friend

you expect a lot from others

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