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Strange Gray Dream-What does it mean?

I had a dream last night that was very strange. I feel like I wasn't fully asleep while I was having it (like I could easily wake myself up and I eventually did).
The entire dream was gray, the skies, an ocean, buildings, people, a ship. I was standing at the edge of town that was up against an ocean (I live in the midwest, nowhere near a body of water). There was a dock instead of a beach separating the land and water. I was watching a big ship (slightly damaged) getting ready to sail away and I knew that a man that I loved was riding away on that ship (I am not currently romantically involved with anyone and haven't been in a year). Once the ship left a mother and a son walked past me. The mother bent over the edge of a dock to retrieve an anchor. Her son started following her and I knew he might fall in so I grabbed him and moved him behind me. I went to help her with the anchor and decided that jumping in the water would be the best possible help that I could give, even though I was deathly afraid of that water (I don't know why I was afraid of it). Once I jumped in and became completely submerged, I first saw that the anchor line was red and then I lost sight of it in the water. Then I saw that there were brick tunnels underneath the water going toward the town, and toward the ocean, there were three large tunnels all with black curtains over them. At that point I became so freaked out that I woke myself up.
I woke up feeling like I had just had a terrible nightmare even though the dream itself was really not all that scary, just kind of depressing.
I'm not really sure what any of this means and I'm really perturbed by it. I'm not in a relationship, I'm in my mid twenties and go to school and work full time. I don't have a lot of stress in my life, other than keeping up with work and school. So I'm a little confused as to why I would have a dream like this.
Any suggestions and/or dream interpretations are greatly welcome. Thank you for any help that can be given :)

It's our experiences and desires that influence our dreams, any further explanation about your dream is up to you to discover.

I also experienced a gray dream before--and for me, my dream placed me within my mind. Upon falling into a state of sleep (level 3),my soul (or another energy-like part of me) was transported into a tunnel of energy, that soon let me into a dark place. The darkness seemed to be alive, like a fog that slowly lingered across space; it was weird. "Where am I? Why am I here?" are the questions I asked to the darkness. Then suddenly, the darkness started to fate, and turn into a grayish color. EVERYTHING was gray...that include myself. So I looked about, searching hard for something in the empty space or dimension that I found myself to be in.

"Why am I here?" I asked again, but this time, I was a little more serious in my tone. Suddenly, holograms before me appeared, showing images of my daily experience. I remembered seeing explosions of great masses, misery of the poor and rich, and also a calculus book that was upside-down. Every image was gray. I couldn't understand what the images were trying to tell me. All I could figure out is that something of greater than me is trying to send me a message. And upon realizing that, I heard a calm, serious, graceful voice saying the following: "Everything could seen upside-down by humans, don't trust your eyes."

I still have yet to fully understand what this "being", this "voice," was trying to say to me... I've spoken to some therapist, but they only gave me vague answers. In all honesty, I believe that my subconscious mind spoke to me through that dream.

Only you can figure out the message of your dreams.

there's no real answer to dreams most of the time there really random...but I have never heard of a gray dream before if your really curious I suggest researching!

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