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Strange Dream...What Did It Mean?

I had a bizarre dream. One part of it involved some sort of magic. A girl and a boy were sort of transparent and made of ash or something. I didn't know what they were taking about, but me and another boy agreed to help them and we did some weird ritual. There was music, but I don't know what it was. During the ritual the boy and I were turning into the same ashy substance as those two, so I broke free, urging the boy to let go because I felt like it was a trap. There was also something to do a spider that had several eyes.

After we broke free, it was like some sort of war started. There was a tan girl with black hair who kept trying to kill me. We were fighting with these large sticks made of steel. She almost hit me several times and I ended up running away. During the dream I didn't realize it, but this took place in the two yards my dad owns.

When I ran away she proceeded to throw things at me and two of them almost crushed my skull. I head for a trail if lush green, and this I remember very specifically, including that there were blackberries. Some of them were red, and others were a juicy ripe black. As I ran I knew I needed to head in a different direction. I kept glancing outward to make sure that the tan girl had not seen me. However, I noticed that there was these Vitatnmese looking people standing around at a distance and hat made me wary. I kept going though untilI got to end of the trail.

I stood in the line with the Vietnamese where there were lots of children. Their eyes were messed up and has blue in them. There was also some blood pouring out. I heard people talking how it was contagious just by touch. I heard someway talking about vaccinations, and how some guy had died after 90 transfusions (which I guess we're supposed to save him from becoming like the children). I then decided to leave before they could do that to me. I saw these two large plastic tubs of blood, and there was some guy standing on top of a bus speaking English. I ran, knowing that if I didn't something bad would happen to me.

I ran into these three or four girls under a plum tree (almost all of this took place in my yard but it was modified) and we quickly became friends. We played cards and we were told by one of them that people were being discharged from the war permanently for having asthma. We all rushed next door and told the similar story. When it was my turn I told the nurse I had coughing asthma and regular asthma. She scared me because she started talking and I had a one beside something that said leukemia. She told me, however, that I was extremely intelligent. She said something else but I don't remember. She started talking about a guy, but she handed me a ticket which I guess she wasn't supposed to and I left.

I begged a friend of mine to tell the asthma story and make sure they got out alive to come back and see me. I was so sad. Then I had to travel up and down these crazy railroad tracks, some of which were made of mud, others of rock. I saw a few other scraggly people traveling along them, and because everything was railroad tracks I had no choice but to outrun trains the entire time. I'm very fast but in my dream I was even faster though at times it felt like something was pulling me back.

When I made it to this small station, I handed in my ticket which said, 391 which I guess was my car number or something. I met some girls and I think their number was 376. None of us could find our cars when they started driving up, and we ended up getting a large call all to ourselves which was 391 (I told a lady it had not come yet and she called another one). That is all I remember if the dream because I woke up shortly after.

What does all of this mean? Especially the numbers: 391, 376, 90 and 990 (the amount of money I got to leave the army with)?

Nothing it is a pizza dream.

Dreams like this have no meaning to any one. The meaning is only what you want to make it mean. You have to sort out the bits and pieces and not the whole dream itself to find that answer.

These are probably just numbers you saw recently and your mind remembered it. I know my dreams don't ever mean anything because they never make sense.

go into the back yard. maybe youll see something

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