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Sharing a dream, what does it mean?

My spouse and I have shared a similar dream. 2ce now this dream has occured and they are very close and have been on the same night. In my dream I am pregnant and he and I are happy. In his dream we already have a baby together and I am fighting with his childrens mother.
Now he and I already have children of our own, just none together. There are 5 kids all together. He had a vasectomy 5 years ago and we have talked about the what ifs. I am happy with my 2 boys, of course Ive always wanted a girl of my own, but dont really want to go through being pregnant again, and he doesnt want anymore children at all.
So any thoughts on what the dream sequence could mean ?

You've said yourself that you've both discussed this issue (having a child together) before. When we dream, we tend to try to straighten out a conflict in our life. I think it's a dream about the "what if" and have you made the right decision by not having any child(ren) together. You see it as being content the way you are but also that it'd be ok if you did some way have a baby by him. (That is what you think in real life and in your dream.) With him, he is worried about how life would change and potential fighting between you and his ex concerning the children he already has. (Again, this is how he feels both in real life and in the dream world.) Your dream reassures you that all would be well. His dream reassures him that he is right and indeed conflict would arise so it is best to not have any more children at all. No one knows exactly what it'd be like if you really did reverse and have a child together. It'd probably be a mixture of the two; everything would be ok in the end, but there'd be some conflict along the way. That's life and that's reality. Dreams are the way we help sort out our feelings. Now you need to ask yourself, aside from his wants, what do you desire?

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