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Shall i change gender or not ?

I just want To Die right now because i won't become happy if i change My gender and i won't be happy if i don't Do it..
I want To be a girl so badly, i am a girl stuck in a guys body..
But My big passion in Life is music and i am talanted and i have big Dreams about moving To Los Angeles and live on My music...
If i go through the transition i won't be Able To succeed with the music...
How am i gonna Do ?

Transsexual people don't change gender, they change their body to match their gender.

There are plenty of transsexual people who are/were musicians:

Wendy Carlos
Jennifer Leitham
Meryn Cadell
Dana International
Venus Flytrap (group)
Lucas Silveira
Billy Tipton
Kim Petras
Sara Davis Buechner
Angela Morley

To name a few.

If i go through the transition i won't be Able To succeed with the music...
Call the gay center and ask for phone numbers to trans support groups.
Reach out. Get all the info you need to get started.
You need to talk to a doctor so he/she can speak to your folks. They need o be supportive. You need a place to live and financial help while you go thru transition.
Do it.
So you will be a woman in the music firld. There are no other women in music?
Find your passion and fight for it. Don't let things get in your way.
You do not want to die right now. You are confused. ANd scared. ANd feel lost. Reach out to therans community and they will help you find what you need.
HUGS from a senior lesbian

1. how old are you? If you arent of age 18 or have even began to experience life as an adult then you are probably along the lines of confused.

2. I love music, I love cleaning, flowers and animals yet I am not considering a sex change. It might be different for you, but likes and dislikes dont make you a girl in a guys body.

3. I live in Souther California and we are pretty open here, but the music industry isnt as good as it used to be and unless you have the will power of a spartan, the enthusiasm of a child and the knowledge of how you interact and get **** done wherever you may be then best of luck. Its not hard to get gigs, but easy to get no where with it by only playing small gigs.

4. If you get the sex change and try to make it in LA with music, the sex change wont effect it. Its only you as a person that decides that.

I think you should talk to a professional with someone who can help you.

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