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Scary Dreams. What do they mean?

The last few nights I've been having terrible dreams. The one i remember is most vividly is being in the funeral home my grandmother's funeral was. Me and my ex-boyfriend weremthere,but I think we were back together. We were leaving,nut I left my laptop and iPad in there and we went back to get them. I asked who was driving,then realized there was someone driving us and said "Oh," and got out and knocked on the doors. My friend's grandpa came out and said now wasn't a good time. I told him I left my stuff in there and he agreed to let us in. When we came in there were small pieces of dead body everywhere and I'm pretty sure I stepped on a piece. My ex picked a piece up and say "Whoa,look. It still has a chunk of brain on it," and I told him to shut up before I puke. He set it down and my fiend's grandpa got my stuff and gave it to me. He was vacuuming up souls and me and my ex accidentally let them escape. My friend's grandpa yelled at us and wouldn't help us. Then I woke up. What do these creepy dreams mean? And why the he|| am i dreaming about my ex?

Don't worry too much about this dream - it is all symbolic, and meant to get you going, thinking about it.

A funeral setting, including all the dead bodies, are symbolic that something in you is dying or has died. By "something", I mean maybe an attitude, or perhaps a way of behaving, or thinking (especially since there was a chunk of brain). That isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it is obviously troubling you because your dream paints things as pretty scary. Well, that could be because it is a scary thing to change, to have things die, because, even if what died is bad and should die anyway, the old and familiar is comforting.

Accidentally letting some souls escape - hmmm. This is as if to say what is dead is not yet "dead and buried", it is still around, to haunt you perhaps. Don't be scared by that, this is all about what is in your head, and I am just saying that what you have been trying to let go of (that is dead) may not quite yet be dead, in your head. I am talking about what escaped souls could symbolize.

Someone else driving the car is indicative of you "not being in the driver's seat", in other words not fully in control of where you are going.

As for your ex, he represents his influence in you. This dream doesn't mean he is going to be back in your waking life, it just means that some way in which he influenced you, or perhaps even a characteristic that you share in common with him, is important for processing this dying stuff.

There is more to this dream, but I can't really interpret it well without some questions answered, such as what your grandmother and grandfather meant to you. "Now wasn't a good time" your grandfather's friend said - that has meaning too, possibly as if to say you aren't quite ready to process the death stuff. But this can all also depend on your relationship to your grandparents, so all I can leave you with is: what in your family, especially from the grandparents generation, is dead and gone? It strikes me that there is a contrast between that generation and the laptop/ipad that you are going in for, but you will need to try to pull meaning around that for yourself, knowing your grandparents. Do some thinking about it, and an interpretation of this part of the dream may occur to you.

Hope that helps.

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