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i had this dream several years ago but still scares me. i went with my family to a casino. we were having fun but then all of a sudden thousands of snakes lunge at me. evrybody runs out and my mom hands me a vacuum cleaner to blcok the door . i am pressing against the vacuum wit h her help. then she runs away i dont hav enuf strength i let go the snakes lunge wen the door opens and then i wake up

I'll give you a spiritual interpretation to this, see if it applies to you.

going with your family to a casino: enjoyment of life, pursuit of money and adventure.

Thousands of snakes lunge at you: A lot of evil is present

Mother gives you a vacuum to block the door: a church giving you an unsuccessful solution to the wickedness surrounding your life.

Mother running away: your church cannot hold up your faith when the end comes.

You need solid teachings in your life that will give you strength to hold against the enemy when the time comes. Whatever church you are in is not giving you this. You may be learning something about God showing His blessing to you by financial gain. The problem is that the Bible says that you cannot serve both God and money. If this holds ANY relevance to you, go to a different church.

It sounds like you're a little girl in that dream, on a family vacation where there is a casino.

The most scary dreams are related to repressed memories that happened in childhood.
Sometimes, during a family vacation, the younger child is exposed to entertainment meant for older children, like the siblings.

It's like when I had those horrible nightmares about skeletons dancing on the ceiling (and being awake with my eyes opened and still seeing them). The nightmares stopped after I remembered a repressed memory about being at the fair, on the ghost train, for which I was much too young. I was the youngest in my family and they just took me along, without thinking how much damage I would suffer.

It's like when I saw Lord of the Rings at the theater and a woman had to get out because of her screaming child seeing the horrible looking Gollum! That child will surely have nightmares for years to come. That woman will pay for that mistake by being awaken again and again in the middle of the night by her screaming kid!

Snakes lunging at you represent fears and worries.
A vaccum cleaner is something heavy and noisy for a child and the mother is usually the one using it.
So that is the weapon your mother gives you to defend yourself but you're much too young.

Talk to your mother and ask her details about a family vacation to a town with a casino. Did anything happened there that you may have forgotten? Once you remember, your mind will deal with it better and you won't be afraid anymore.

this is a dream about politicians. It probably happened durijng an election year when thousands of snakes come up from under rocks and so forth and pretend to like us


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