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Recurring dream meaning?

Ok so they say that recurring dreams have meaning and the more vivid it is the more important its message is. so, for my entire life for about 3 nights out of one week of the year (rough estimate) i have a dream about a giant summer camp with a shoalin temple and haveing to escape it and finding a camp of ewoks (kinda) that live in like tree huts but have super advanced thecnology. WTF? why would have that dream so much and what would it mean?

"They say"? You got voices buzzin' in your head? No idea what the dream means, but it's built upon a pun (or maybe a misunderstanding). The "ewoks (kinda) that live in like tree huts" are koala bears, living in eucalyptus trees. Probably you were young when you first heard of the Shaolin temple and misheard it (or maybe misinterpreted what you heard) to be "koala-in temple" (which also accounts for your misspelling). You say that you've been having this dream "for my entire life," but I think it probably started in 2008 when you saw "Kung Fu Panda," misunderstood "Shao-lin," and began confusing Chinese pandas with Australian koalas in your recurring dream.

The "giant summer camp" is huge because the dream image is borrowed from an old memory, from a time when you yourself were very small. It could be a backyard, or even your old playpen. What's important is that you must escape and find a giant, living teddy bear that lives high above the ground. Depending on how old you are, your dream may be recalling a Furby (a robotic stuffed animal ca. 1999) that was once out of your reach on a shelf, and the dream is important to you because the frustration you felt then at not being able to get to the robotic bear high above you resonates in frustration you've been experiencing since then. No way to know - this dream has probably been refined to a recurring "motif," a dream shorthand for a recurring feeling or experience in waking life.


You hated the ewoks in Return of the Jedi and wish to kill them using your awesome kung fu prowess. A perfectly normal reaction. If you ever see a gungan in one of your dreams than you are most likely very very angry at George Lucas.

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