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Puppy Vaccination ...?

ok my puppy is five months old and she hasn't had any of her shots and the people at petsmart [who are not that bright] told me to give the 5 in 1 puppy vanguard but i can't find it online. Did it change its name or do they even still give the shot? Well what keep coming up was Vanguard Plus 5 so is that it or is it the 5 way puppy shot? If it is the Vanguard Plus 5 , were can i get them online ? I looked for them online but all i could find was 25 dose packages for $175 but all i need is one for now right? So if anyone has anything i will really appreciated and the most i can pay for is $0 - $75. God be with you and may your dreams come true and your life be filled with happiness.

First, if the people who you yourself say "aren't that smart" told you to vaccinate your puppy with X product why are you taking their word for it? And second, if your puppy hasn't had any vaccinations doesn't that indicate to you that your puppy likely hasn't had a vet exam either?

It is extremely important for puppies and kittens to be examined by a veterinarian to test for intestinal parasites. These parasites are very common in puppies and kittens and can cause serious health issues for them as well as any humans who come into contact with them. And by serious health consequences for humans I mean things like brain damage, liver damage and blindness.

It is also extremely important to get the appropriate type of vaccinations for your puppy/kitten and at the appropriate ages/intervals to provide a good immunity to the diseases which are much more common in these young animals and can be deadly.

For all of those reasons, you should be taking your puppy to a veterinarian to have an exam and get the CORRECT recommendations for vaccination and testing for parasites for your puppy.

And you are listening to people at petsmart, Why?

How about taking your puppy to the vet and being responsible with having them give her a wellness exam and start her on her vaccinations which should have started at 8 weeks of age.

How long have you had this puppy?

If you couldn't afford proper medical care for a pup why in the world did you get one?

You do realize that it is medical neglect if you do not have the pup vaccinated and against the law also not to have your pup vaccinated against rabies right?

Either be a responsible pet owner or return the pup to whomever you got it from or surrender the pup to a shelter, humane society or rescue organization who will get him vaccinated and be given medications for parasites, then find him a responsible home.

First, you should never get the DANGEROUS combo vaccinations. Your puppy needs a wellness exam. So start there, and ask the vet about where you can buy the proper vaccines and how to administer them. Is compromising your dog's health worth saving a few bucks? Start building a rapport with a vet, and make an appointment for a spay also.

And do not bring her back to petsmart or anywhere other dogs are until you get her the parvo vaccine at least...

Do what normal people do and take your dog to the vet for its vaccinations

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