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Philosophy, what it's views are on sadness, hopelessness and on Dreams.?


As you read the next few lines, I hope the reason you opened this link to read is to truthfully and to your best genuinely answer this question not for self-gain but to aid others.

Philosophy to you philosophers is basiclly a study of general problems of matters mainly involving wisdom. Hence, let me ask a question.

In the view of sadness and hopelessness what is your opinion? What view would you adopt on a man/woman who aids but the people he aids never return what he gives. He expounds much, then in the end, when he feels his cause and his deeds were for nothing, feels hopeless. A sense of sadness and hopelessness overwhelms him.

As a third person, what is your opinion of this man? Would you consider the man to be an existentialist. Or what would you do for this person, would be the main question.

Also, how would you classify dreams? Would you classify it as a blessing or curse? I know this question does not fit well in this category, but give me your opinion on three matters.

What is sadness, define it and what would be it's cure?
What is hopelessness, define it and what can cure it? How does it come about?
Finnaly, tell me what do dreams do. Is it now meaningless philander in a sense or does it still retain purpose just like the dreams in biblical times and in Ancient times?

I will answer the part of your Swiss Army Knife question that I know and understand. You may find it more profitable in the future to ask questions one at a time.

OK, here's the pitch: Philosophy has no opinion on dreams. Plato's shadows on the walls of the cage come close, but after that, nope, nothing.

And frankly, your question sounds like you should be posted in Mental Health or Psychology.

sadness, hopelessness are same as its opposites.
They all are emotional states and mostly the end result of some expectation.
The simplest cure for all this is to stop expecting. If you really like doing something then do it, that itself should be its reward. Any work done expecting something in return can result in the above states. If the outcome is above expectation it leads to happiness and if its below then it leads to sadness. So to avoid this the best thing is to stop expecting.

Dream is a big and a very interesting subject. If you want to know much about it then read Interpretations of Dreams from Dr.Sigmund Freud.

My view of dream is, its a visual of what's going on in your mind.
There is one more type of dream called lucid dreaming, during which a person gains consciousness that it is a dream and can continue controlling the dream according to one's thought. Also its possible to even start a lucid dream rather than joining in between.

Don't expect any reward when you help a fellow, otherwise that's not true help, it is a scheme to gain acceptance, to self profit phat goods. Why he have to feel it was for nothing? He helped, reason to be happy.
Less of an existentialist, more of a self condemning egoist. Nothing can do for him, he needs meditation and self-resolve.
There are different kind of dreams, some are the manifestations of your subconscience and others the realities of another world, a blessing without a doubt.

Sadness is the sweetest candy, would you realize what's happiness without sadness? as will you know what's light without darkness? it inspire touching poems and relate epic tales. No hero knows no sadness. it needs no cure, it goes alone.
hopelessness is a tremendous lack of faith. it also reflects one's capabilities. Have faith and it fades. Dreams are sometimes fancy adventures, sometimes a communication media.

After going through Rehab,AA/NA,Ive seen your question before.
Let me tell you a story,then Ill answer your questions one by one.

As far as giving with no return,sadness etc.
My sponsor was a man named Ross.He did amazing works.No matter what time of day or night,prison or free,if called for help,He was there.He was an ex-gang member.(when I met Him He was in his late 60's)As a young man,He'd done it all.Lied cheated ,etc,and drank very much.In the times I knew the man,He never passed judgment on anyone,even if He had tried to help and was fruitless in the endeavor,He still managed to keep respect for the person He was trying to help,and I realized,there was no way I could even walk in the shoes of this man.This must be what God means by doing good works.To be able to care enough to help a stranger,even when at times it seemed pointless,Took you away from your life,and you applied it all to others,no matter what.
The wisdom to this is Hopelessness and sadness are just a condition of giving someone sight that couldn't see it for themselves.

Sadness,is a true emotion,it comes from many things.Loss,being melancholy for things and times past(good or bad) or for unattainable things.(such as love from another whom doesn't feel the same) Still it is true and pure,it is a real condition,that can be changed but always carried with the individual.

Hopelessness is a condition of falsehood.Its an abandonment of perseverance.It comes from giving up,or accepting the fact that you can't do something.(not tackling issues and obstacles in your life,on face value)
Dreams,are a gift.They have so many purposes.They help us solve problems in the waking world,Allow us to defy ourselves,and the law of physics,somtimes allowing us to live in our perfect world or our perfect Hell.You must never confuse dreams with fantasy,as fantasies are not brought up from the recesses of the mind and subconconcious,but by conciencous thought.

So many questions, I feel that it is good that you are seeking answers So one/ if you give, you give, if you want something back then you are not giving you are selling, got that? think about it! Dreams! please don't try to put anything into them, its your mind (memory) just tossing ideas about, lay back and enjoy them. Sadness, is things that happened that you believe are not right and are hurtful. hopelessness is just that, you cannot do anything about it, so get on with YOUR life, Be Strong, do what you can do and let go of things you cannot fix, I love you, now love yourself.

Cloudy, at best, are such views.

Multitudinous and conflicting.

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