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Nightmare dream what could it mean?

i was sleeping in a room and my brother and mom were there laying with me in the same bed. i was laying there awake and then suddenly i could sense something. i was so terrified i could feel the little hairs in my skin rise. The next thing i know this invisible presence came up from behind where i was laying like almost it had came out of the wall. Before i could blink my eyes i felt it hurling towards me and enter the right side of my body. I began screaming and trying to fight it but it was as if my mind and spirit had no control over my body. My mother and brother quickly woke up , scared by what they saw they began tugging me towards them. Slipping out of their grip i was tooken away. I don't know where or what had happened but the scary thing was that i woke back up in the same room but without my mother and brother by my side. It happened all overs again but this time i was trying to fight it off alone. i kept kicking and screaming and i was yelling for my brother and mom like if i wanted to say, "mom its here help me". when i woke up i was terrified and kept looking everywhere. The strange thing was... my right side felt weird it didn't hurt but it was like something happened there and i could feel it.

Who knows… There’s no info about your age and life status… Include more info. When a dream is stated in a vacuum, without information about who dreamt it, it could mean anything. From the symbols, I’ll assume you’re 16 to 18? Finishing high school? (I’ll check your profile…) Bingo! Excellent! You are finishing high school, or finished high school, and you are going through the life change of leaving the family! There you go.

What I feel is that your mother and brother being in bed with you is a symbol representing the close-knit family group. Those closest to you, all next to you in such a loving and intimate setting as sleeping. It represents family ties and your need to be a part of a family.

This outside force could be anything. Most likely, I feel it may be your need for independence, your need to leave your house and your family and go out to be your own person. Of course, your family will try to keep you as part of the family group, and you will reach back to them. It’s normal.

This force is powerful. You have life goals, ambition, dreams, sexuality, and the maternal instinct that are all pretty much demanding you start your own life. And they can swoop in and “take control of you”, separating you from your childhood and the comforts and safety of childhood and the family group.

I’d say this is an EXCELLENT dream about the transition from being a child, to being an adult.

Lay off the pills.

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