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My g/f had a dream about dumping me cause i took drugs what does this mean?

I never took drugs before

It could be about your friendships with other people who might be into the drug scene and she is worried that you might be influenced by their antics. It could also mean that your recent wild behaviour has made her think and worry that you are using drugs even though you aren't taking or smoking any. Perhaps the solution to this problem is not to behave in an irregular way around her, build up her confidence in you and show her that you are a normal guy.

It's a dream from hell, be careful of those, this dream from hell can also mean stay away from drugs, don't ever start doing them because if you do you'll end up in the ditch and your relationship will fall into pieces and die down. The devil is trying to tempt you into doing them, avoid drugs. Ignore satan he is a liar. It could also be a revelation from God; don't do drugs or bad things may happen; no matter how hard someone tempts you resist them, ask of God to help you and keep you clean or resist temptation completely.

it has nothing to do with reality. if you aren't planning on taking drugs in the future then why would you worry about her dumping you because of it?

Ditto Steve!

Maybe she's scared of losing you for some stupid reason, weather it be drugs or a fight about nothing. Just reassure how you feel about her.

It means if you start taking drugs, she'll dump you. So DON'T DO DRUGS!

buddy it means stay away from drugs dont ever try them cause if you do youll lose her

soon you will take drugs and she will really dump you. :(

It means you should avoid the weed.

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