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Mom dreamed of a calf in the house...what's this mean?

my mom told me about a dream she had where there were 2 animals in the house; she only remembers one being a calf and that it was a good, well-behaved calf. she said she woke up a little disturbed. what could this mean? thanks!

This is a very positive dream since the calf was good and well behaved. Something good is coming to your mother. I immediately got the image of the "fatted calf". I am sure there is something to do with prosperity coming her way.

Dreaming is an art, and can be interpreted in the same way: from many different viewpoints. This one in particular is quite strange, but it could mean that this cow is someone close to your mom and that this person is very loyal to your mom. The other animal could be someone else in your mom's life as well. Who knows? The cow could even be you (or your siblings if you have any).

Dreams relating to a house often refers to various aspects of the Self. When trying to analyze the house in your dream, consider also how the house is kept and the condition of it. The rooms in the house relates to facets of your personality.

Look at this site.

It means a baby will be arriving soon.

um.. it means that a baby was coming

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