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Meeting my best friend's crush and trying to seduce two prison guards - what does this dream mean?

Tonight I had a dream about seeing my best friend's crush for the first time (this guy is like the "love of her life". She likes him most despite her current crushes and affairs). I found his voice to be quite more Caucasian in the dream despite him being Mexican. We did something together, like traveled somewhere, but I don't remember for sure.

The second part of my dream was of me in some sort of basement-looking prison where I tried to seduce two guards. I almost did but an event on-site (prisoners escaping) stopped me. I've felt "horny" and self-confident like I never do in real life. All I had to do was catwalk and put my legs apart and they were by my feet, whereas in real life I never even had a boyfriend.

What does this dream mean?

The first part is probably taking an interest in your best friend and maybe a concern as to whether or not this guy is deserving of her attentions ... kinda wanting to meet him and see if you want to give him your stamp of approval ...

the second part probably has to do with some ongoing exploration or revelation of your own sexual nature ... are you in high school/middle school, noticing all of the things puberty has caused in your body, the effect these changes have in the men/boys around you, or on the verge of a new relationship? any of these (and others) can cause this kind of dream ...

dreams are our mind's way of dealing with emotions and changes and how we feel about ourselves and the people in our lives ...

Your horniness is getting the best of you, and your best friend's crush is quickly becoming your own.

The basement represents a dark and dirty place in your heart where your ultimate goal is to seduce power and protection, but you know as well as every other girl, that the true heroes are off being heroes and don't have time for exotic basement rendezvous

Somehow, in the second part of the dream, you feel that to use your sexuality will get you things in life from men.

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