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Meaning of dream?

Hi. i sometimes see this dream that all my teeths are falling and sometimes i used to see that lot of snakes are sitting on my path. its not letting me cross this road. i used to see this dream few months back. but last night i had this dream that really freaked me out. i saw that one of my uncle is hanging from a rope. he has killed himself. i dont see him regularly but why did i see him?whats the meaning of these?why i m seeing this?

Don't be scared, dreams have an interpretation but it doesn't come in 'dictonaries of dreams', when one wants to find out what the meaning of a dream is that person should look around for what's going on in real life, dreams come sometimes from our daily experiences; you were probably worried about something and thought of your uncle or heard the news and he came to your mind;
about your teeth, probably you are worried about your personal appearance or you may have a dental problem indeed. Just think about this and don't believe in premonitions, those kind of interpretations have no scientific support!

In the Bible : Daniel was a profit about dreams.
Fears and Danger about loved ones.. seem to be your main focus in these dreams...
You are insecure on these matters..
not self centered about appearences..
someone your close to.
your uncle hanging from a rope? ( why do you think your uncle killed himself?
because he was hanging from a rope?
this is not always the a suicide situation..
in the old western days hanging by a rope was a death sentance...
nowdays hanging by a rope could be an accident ( a mountain climber loosing foothold with a rope attached could accidentally hang themself...
God Forbid but ...
someone in your family very close has cancer and is recieving kemo theraphy. and you dont see them much and maybe there thought is they feel there better of dead and there hair is falling out.

there are several situations that could cause your dreams but I say consider your fears and your worries ..
Who do you worry about the most
What are your greatest fears.
there is alot to learn here...
Just Calm down and consider this ...
If all else Fails ask God to show you the interpretations to these dreams so that you have a better understanding..and to ease your pain and suffering about them!


I Know snakes are linked to sex. If you have seen movies or had thoughts of sex then there is a bright chance of dreams like these.

In dreams if you see something very good that is not good but if you see something bad it is good. Seeing someone die in dream means they will live long of alive or they are blessing you.

I believe Dreams are true.

And you need to be more specific for more clarifications if you need.

You can also do some meditation for peaceful sleep..

Hope you have some light


I believe that God has given to me a gift of dreams, but this does not mean that I am right about your dream. Just so you know not all dreams are of your future, and are not always of your past, sometimes your life, and what you are doing/and or exposed to will be translated and filtered through your dreams, perhaps something like gas, you don't always know what causes you to have it, and it is not always what you just ate, but what you had a couple of days ago.

Right away in your dream death came to my thoughts, with your teeth falling out. The snakes, are like worldly, and or sinful road-blocks. They get in the way of going forward.

Your uncle, probably is not physically dead, but very involved in what is causing you to move forward, possibly drugs or alcohol, something that causes teeth to fall out, then death.

Please if you are involved in such things, that lead to death, and don't have a personal realationship in Christ, turn around and give your heart to Christ, except Him into your heart, and believe unto righteousness. Jesus is my savior, accept Him as yours.

If you desire to have peace, joy, and love in you life then pray this prayer. Jesus, forgive me of my sins, and cleanse my heart, and my life, and come into my heart. I believe that You died for my sins, and You desire to live within my heart and life. Thank you, for Your Saving Grace, amen.

If you have prayed this prayer, then find a Christian Church, near you, and be involved, learn that He is the Way, Truth, and the Life, no one goes to the Father accept through Him.

Help people, let the Holy Spirit that you have, lead you.

I used to get this dream were i ripped my own teeth out it is fkn disturbing but it goes away and nothing ever happened just brush ur teeth 3 times a day instead of 2 times and it will go away

losing teeth in a dream can symbolize a fear of getting old or loosing attractiveness. it can also mean a fear of facing reality.

seeing your uncles suicide could mean that some part of you has been neglected and it wants your attention now.

snakes guarding something may symbolize either your true and total self or something you need for the next stage of personal development.

a sequence of images that appear involuntarily to the mind of somebody who is sleeping, often a mixture of real and imaginary characters, places, and events

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