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Ive been having recurring dreams of blood and anger?! What could these dreams mean?!...?! ?

One dream was when i was mad at some girl and i made her start bleeding with my mind. I know this sounds strange but that was the dream from last nite. The other dream was when i was mad and i made people vomit blood. This dream made me cry! I didnt get much sleep last nite cuz of these dreams.

The people in our dreams are not others, but rather they represent parts of our self. The dream about being mad and making people vomit blood I will interpret first. The people vomiting blood means that they are hurt and the injury is making them (vomit) express horrible and ugly things. The blood means what is coming out is from deep wounds (emotional not physical) inside of you that have to come out of you (in your dream you vomit them out). Your being mad is interesting. Anger is a mask for other deeper emotions, i.e. pain, betrayal, embarrassment, humiliation etc... So these deeper feeling beneath your anger are expressed by anger and cause you much pain from withing from unhealed wounds that need to be purged or expressed (you vomit them out). You woke up crying because inside you are so much pain that was expressed in your subconscious through your dream. In the other dream the girl represents you. You are mad at yourself that you are not what you want to be and feel deeper emotions I spoke about in the other dream. The other girl (you) is in pain inside (emotionally) and starts to bleed (it<blood.]> comes to the surface and exits due to the pain and injury).

Hope this helps.

are you angry at someone? or wish someone dead? or watched any brutal films or played brutal games? major stress can cause any freaky dreams, its natural, if anything get a good nights rest and read a book before bed rather than watching tv ect

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