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Is it true that if someone appears in your dream, it means that that person wants to see you?

"if someone appears in your dream, it means that person wants to see you" - time magazine

is this actually true?

It is believed that dreams reflect your unconscious. As in, things you are unaware of or issues you haven't worked through come out through your dreams. Therefore, it is more likely that if someone appears in your dream, you want to see them, than them wanting to see you. They could have just popped up randomly in your mind though.

This is total and utter nonsense. Someone else cannot telepathically send you messages that he wants to see you or not.

There is absolutely no evidence or proof of it. If you think it is true, show the scientific evidence. If we could send other people messages in dreams, the whole world would be radically different.

Look out for the "pop psychology" these often pray upon the less informed and naive. Dreams are in symbols and to interpret is not as simple as reading 1,2,3, there are motives unconsciously and repressed materials, wishes, fears, and lots more. maybe "Time ought to spend more "time" in psychology and less in entertainment when these cross parallels with higher educations.

They might want to see you or might not want to see you. Appearing in your dream has nothing to do with it.

It is a random thought, buy could mean the reverse.

it's not a valid correlation. you sometimes dream of things you think a lot of when you're awake...


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