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In many of my dreams, for years now, row boats are featured prominently. What meaning does a rowboat have?

To dream that you are in a rowboat with others, signifies that you enjoy pleasures with people of a worldly quality.

isn't the rowboat in the river? in the lake? in the sea?I really think dream of a rowboat is a very good sign, nothing harm, but keep observing if the rowboat being broken, isn't there some people around? can you hear some noise in the dream? whats the weather like? is it near the shore? is it in the middle of nowwhere, what's the color of the water? were you sitting on the rowboat? it could means about your the style of your life or lifestyle, maybe I know you are total independance type, strong mind...or you must be love sunset alot, you may have a walk around in sunset alone? I guess, it means alot depends on the rowboat how its going.

The boat is a symbol of a part of your personality which you need in order to move ahead in the ocean of life. Seeing a boat foretells a trip or a change in life. If the water is clear, it betokens a good trip or change. If the water is murky, it predicts misfortune or mishap. The water also symbolizes a shaky ground, and the physical condition of the boat will show you what your actual situation is.


you would need to have a conversation with some one to fiend out, sorry. You need to be asked questions about rowboats and experiences you've had with them. I'm guessing its either a sine of escape or of a savior, It can also be adventure or fear of it, or its connected to some one in your life you don't want to see but need in your life. The meaning of your dreams can be scary, but normally they only reflect on current issues in your life not things form the past. good luck.

Rowing boats have quite a seductional meaning including:
If you are in a boat with other people it suggests that you enjoy being surrounded by gay people who make you feel happy with yourself.
If the boat capsizes, this indicates financial losses caused by sexual relations.

There is no set of established meanings for dreams. It all depends on what rowing and row boats mean to you. Chances are, their presence highlights some principle or some experience from your past.

your crazy and stop giving me this crap about rowboats I live with you and hear this all the time.

It could mean travel

Perhaps that you're slowly trying to leave your present situation...

you should be able to relate these dreams to what happens when it happens.

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