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If God destroyed Sod dam and Gomorrah what makes people believe he won't destroy the world?

We are at war here in America '
Concerning people who cannot protect us pearl harbor, was proof nine 11, was proof' There letting everyone walk on us that has money that is the proof'' There not there for us there there for the money, and the proof is now there sharing it with us.
I am not sure what the answer is but" I no this there not as smart as they seem' If they where I would not be righting this ' because I would feel safe.
If we where attacked by china again simaltainiously by Russia and Japan do you think we would survive' The only posable chance we have is to find unseen ways to deal with the threats As men of old did threw angelic faith I pray and it happens simple and efficient invisible prolific powers that I cannot explain who can stop a ghost lolI pray he dreams of the poor because there hurting now.
I pray he dreams of the corruption in his country because I am in the middle of it.
I pray we dream of the good things people, wright about.
I pray we dream about the special interest markets that are killing us.I pray we dream of the poor because there hurting now.
I pray we dream of the corruption in his country because I am in the middle of it.

My friend say you built a beautiful house and I mean really worked hard on it. Would you destroy the house because of a few rats.
No you get rid of the rats and then renovate the damages they left behind.
Same with God.
God created the world.
It designed it for us to live in it.
Just because Satan and his demons have invaded and made a mess God will not destroy the Earth.
Remember the Lord's Prayer.
Matthew 6:10, " Thy kingdom come, thy will take place in heaven also upon earth."
Why would Jesus Christ tell us to pray for God's Will to take place on earth if it was to be destroyed?
There is a hope for the earth and I would love to share my beliefs with you.
Please contact me if you would like to learn more.
Take Care

He never mentions destroying the world

Slow down crazy
There is no god to destroy the world.
There are crazy religious nuts who would love to destroy the world however.

To improve your life, see a mental health professional (clergy do not qualify).

It doesn't appear that you are actually asking a question, merely using this space to preach.

Well, that was a nice meandering discourse.

Hot damn! That is the best frigging wall of stupid I've seen all week.

... what? All modern wars were created and fought by us, not God.

Because he didn't.
He doesn't exist - the buy-bull is fiction.
God B-less.

Day of Judgement...

he will eventually

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