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I've heard that if you dream in a language, that means you know it well?

ffor example, if you're learning spanish in college and you know it really well & you dream in it, does it mean you know the language reallly welll? thats what i heard. has that evvr happend to yoU?

I dreamed about celery so I guess I know it well! (I am a cook)

I really don't know about your question!


Dreaming of something you learned only mean your subconscious mind are into it. It does not mean you are good enough in it.

It could mean you are used to the language in the day time. At night, you projected that even in dream. Whether it is correct grammar, only the others can tell. You subconsciously vent out what you learned in dream because that is your daily experience.

I know this isn't the same, but when I was over in London this last summer for school, when I was dreaming, everybody would be talking with a British accent!

I can't know for sure. That does sound believable but it's never happened to me and I took spanish for years.

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