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I saw a temple in my dream, what could it mean?

the temple was made of black stone or granite, and there were a few deities in it. I was at the temple with a girl, (i'm a guy), but i'm not sure who that girl was.

The temple was rustic in look... but looked deeply mystical.

what is the interpretation of my dream? thanks...

You're not sure what direction you want to follow in life.

The only thing you're sure of is that you don't want to be alone in your path.

what kind of deities did you see? discribe the girl. also discribe the surrounding. to me it sounds like you were in perphaps the deep part of the subconscious. the black stone represents something. but with out the other details its hard to decipher.

You are going to have a relationship that is deeply meaningful, with the blessing of God, as it is meant to be.

You are worrying about something and you are looking for answers

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