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I had a njghtmare where evertbody had this disease or something like that. What does it mean?

I dreamt that alot of people were like in a truck or van. So I asked this other kid what was happening and he told me that these people were gonna cure us. Then the car stopped and everybody came out of the truck and then I saw my 3 year old brother and my twin brother along with 3 of my freinds so I walked torwards them and I think we were talking while following the crowd of people. We walked into this creepy mansion place and the bottom floor was like a big living room but it was very dark and creepy. There were these people that were like 8 feet tall that told everyone in the room that the medicine was ready and they gave evryone a pill and told us to eat it but I didnt believe them and told my freinds and brothers not to eat it so they pretended to eat it and throw it away then everybody else started to bleed from their eyes and became zombies. We were trying to sneak to the nearest door but when we open it I woke up.

Let me ask you this first, do you play Resident Evil? lol

I've had a similar dream, but it was staged in a castle. It sounds like you are venting out your experiences as a child. The tall figures giving you medicine - vaccination? The zombie and bleeding eye thing - horror movies/ something deep in your mind translating to random paranoia?As for the mansion, I would say again video game or movie stages. The door was obviously the "way out".

Hope this answers your question!

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