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I had a dream I brought a baby back to life-by CPR?

I was not sure in the dream if I was performing the CPR right, but the baby came back to life?

And? I had a dream I was pregnant but in real life my husband has had a vasectomy. The moral here is that its just that a dream. It doesn't mean much else.

Are you a mother now? I do the same sort of thing before something happens to one of my children. For example, I was taking a little nap when I seen my oldest son laying on the pavement next to a sign and covered in blood. I quickly woke up and ran outside to my son's uncle running up to me. When I got to where he was there he was exactly like I seen. It turned out he had a seizure while riding his bike. I believe with a mother some how you tap into something that is unexplainable. Like a guardian angle or something trying to prepare you for an event or to make the event not that shocking to you so you can think more clearly. Call me crazy but I've learned to listen to these dreams there extremely accurate and helpful. They make me more aware of what's going on around me. I don't know if this is what you mean but if it is I hope my experience helps you understand a bit.

Hormones! Good dream to have though. All mind are weird and scary!

I don't see a question here.

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