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I dreamt that my mom and sister were kidnapped and bound and gagged. What does this mean? ?

Is it wrong that i dream about something like this? Do i need therapy or help?

You do not need therapy; in fact, these dreams are quite common among everyone. This dream most likely refers to your subconscious, but do not take it out of context. You probably experienced a rough day, and you stored some of it inside, or that you fought or even had a rough time with either of them the previous day.
Other than that, the only other suggestion as to what it means is that you witnessed, most likely on T.V., a scene such as this, so then your brain will make it relevant about your life and fill in the details with facts dealing with you.

As I stated earlier though, you do not need to go to therapy; everyone has these dreams.

As a mental health professional with 20+ years experience, now retired, I can confidently tell you that your dream means only that you had a dream that your mom and sister were kidnapped and bound and gagged. Dreams mean absolutely nothing that you don't "make" them mean, whether it's some story you make up or one that you let some "dream interpreter" make up and sell you on. If you came to me for therapy, that would be the beginning and end of the session, and I'd still charge you for the full hour. God Bless you.

people! chillax with the dream interpretation questions. Most dreams are weird and many do not make sense. A person has an average of over 100,000 dream in a lifespan so the odds of some dream appearing real are higher than you may think. It does not mean that what you dream will happen; but if it does, don't go thinking you have some kind of freaky power of foretelling the future.
Is is not wrong to dream that way. Some dreams are just the brain's way of dealing with unresolved issues, but don't look too much into it either.

From what I read of Freudian dream analysis, dreams usually represent either repressed desires or fears too unpleasant for our conscious mind to handle. So if you buy into that perspective, you may greatly fear having such a thing happen to your mom and sister or you secret harbor a subconscious desire for something horrible to happen to them.

Personally, though, I don't think dreams mean anything. They're just reconfigured memories produced by brain activity while the body sleeps. Your brain probably combined the memory of your family with some kidnapping you heard about on the news or some fictional tale.

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