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I dreamt of clouds reading "Allah", "Muhammed" & "Allahu akbar". Meaning please?

~Bringing truth: Wow you know someone who interprets dreams? Do they have like an email so I can ask them? If not, then please ask for me and let me know.

If they ask what my characteristic is, it is brutal honesty. I get into trouble for my honesty but it's something I can't stop being. May be this will help them interpret.
Also tell them that in the past I suffered an illness which I have healed from now, alhamdulilah.

jzk khair!

InshAllah I will ask an expert 'alim to tell the meaning of this dream, and I will let you know about it if I find out.

@ابنة ياسمين من متينYasmine

Only yusuf ('allay salam) could interpertate the meaning? You kidding me?

Do you know Imam Ibn Siri (rahimullah)?

Do you know whenever prophet (sallahu 'allay wa salam) finished fajr salah, He (saw) would turn towards the sahabah (ra), and if anyone had any dreams they would tell their dreams to prophet (saw) who would interpertate and tell the meaning..

if prophet (saw) had dream, He (saw) would tell the sahabah (ra).

And do you know, the azaan the muezzin calls out in masjid. How was it formed?

It came in the form of dream in a Sahabah (radhiyallahu 'anhu) who told prophet (sallahu 'allay wa salam) on which He (saw) accepted and made it an official azaan..

Do you know before battle of trenches, what prophet (saw) saw in dream? and what was the meaning?

...hmmm I can go on and on..

I just want to point out. Dreams will come and they have meanings. You can not deny.


InshAllah I will try to consult the person. Yes it is through email, but private one as I do not have permission to give out the email, sorry about it.

nwar al Awlaki - Dreams and Dream Interpretations - Part 1/3 ...

Jun 25, 2011 - Uploaded by kerala567
About the Author Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki was born in New Mexico, USA. He studies the Islamic sciences of ...

Cloud: It symbolizes wisdom, knowledge and blessings. It also implies the Deen of Islam if there is no hint of darkness, wind-storm etc.

Weird... I asked my parents if they can interpret dreams for me. The only person I know who could interpret dreams is Prophet Yusef صلي الله عليه وسلم. but he's dead, go online and search for dream interpreters, they might be physics.

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