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I dreamed of a Native American and a dream catcher, what does it mean?

I dreamed last night that I was at a football game, and there was a Native American football team against another, but that wasn't the weird part...

All of a sudden I was on a huge rock mountain cliff, but I was watching a movie about Native Americans in the clouds. I began to cry, and next to me appeard an Indian with a tall hat with a feather, he had long hair, and about 68 years old. He hugged me, then all of a sudden I was with other Indians on horses, and they were jumping through a wind catcher in a cave. I woke up shortly after that.

I have no idea what it means, if anything, but if anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear them!

chief joseph was famous for wearing something of a top hat with feathers in it. His plain in your face philosophy was what made his stand out in history and folk lore, ie, when face with insurmounable odds against him in a war he was quoted as saying its a good day to die. my g father**cherokee** would have said , your dream could possibly mean, there is someone trying to teach you something, horses are teachers in native totem's. The tears are , the lesson is hard, and not what you usually would want to do. The football game is incidental due to the fact, its either your peers or family. or even a struggle of whats right and whats wrong. (tow opposing decisions) The dream catcher means , possibly, that you have the decision in front of you, but the fear of it, makes it keep getting caught in the web of the catcher. Let go stand strong and live wiht the decision

I do not know if you Believe in past lives or not .. But your dream could have something to do with a past life you could be dreaming about the foot ball game because part of you is fighting your Native American past life but the other half wants you to know more about it .. being hugged by the old man could have been you or someone in you past .. if the bream was very clear and not fuzzy this what we call a past life dream .. If you have any more question please fell free to ask

It means its time to go back to sleep and get the dream police after that perverted old man who was feeling you up.

did you watch "last of the mohicans" before bed? otherwise it's just a dream...either way it's just a dream.

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