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I dreamed colorful constellations/galaxies. What does it mean?

I dreamed that I was watching the night sky with a loved one (can't remember who but felt that I cared). The sky had about 3 colorful constellations (or may be galaxies). I remember I had pointed to the sky and taken pictures. Then, towards the end, the constellations/galaxies changed positions.

I'd like to know what it means.

It means there will be shifts in your world which appear to be heavenly. You will keep the memories, even as you took pictures. A pleasant dream of the wonders of colorful emotions and the excitement of good things broadening your life.

In my opinion, it means that u r in a difficult situation at the moment but it's gonna end soon. Mostly people dream about the opposite of wat is happenin' or gonna happen to them or their loved ones. Hope I helped :)

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