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Having a dream of a yellow snake engorging the top of my sons head?

I dreamt that my son was accidentally left at an amusement park. When I went back to get him he was taking off on me again. We eventually got back to the Hotel room where he began to play in the walk in closet. I noticed a pet snake following him in there. As I did not here my son anymore I went in to follow him and pulled the snake that was slithering before me. I noticed my son was covered in a sheet. As I pulled the sheet off, I noticed he was wrapped with the snake around his neck. As I pulled the snake off, the end of it was completely covering my 3 year olds head as to eat him. It was like a sac. As I removed it, I saw that my sons face was white from suffocation. I woke my self up in fear. what does this mean?

My initial impression is that you are concerned for the safety of your child -- and that you feel that you have passively let him get hurt, or that you are responsible for not protecting him enough.

Snakes often times represent (depending upon your actual views on snakes) something sly, difficult to catch and/or understand, or someone/something you have let get too close to you emotionally.

The fact that the snake is white, and that you let the snake go into the closet with your son means that you might have felt that someone or something was not a big deal, but only later realized that it was a problem.

Are you dating anyone right now that has met your son? Do you have concerns about this man? What about your son's friends, teachers, etc? Some have fears about vaccinations...this could also represent something that you see as initially harmless (if not helpful -- read: the "pet" component of the snake) that comes to be a liability. (BTW: vaccines are completely harmless for children, unless they have a specific allergy.)

sometimes dreams are just...dreams, but if you really think it meant something then visit: dream-of.com and type "snake" in the search box. Lots of results...i just looked. some surprising answers too. on a personal note: try praying over your son while he sleeps and pray before you go to bed for a peaceful night's sleep. (if u don't already)

you know, i totally believe in a mothers instinct, and perhaps you should make a dr appointment to have him checked out, just to be sure..take a good look at him..any unusual lumps, eye dilation...anything that might signal that he needs to be seen by a doctor...it may be nothing, but subconciously you might be feeling an illness emenating from him..it wouldnt hurt to check

your sub-conscious is telling you that there might be something wrong with your son ... to the point that you are actually having nightmares about it. I would have him checked out at the doctor's office ...

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