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Getting a vasectomy?

I have no clue in what to do so hopefully you will be able to help. I have come to an unfortunate relization that my husband does not want any children however, I do. I am tired of asking him about having children and talking to him about it. So, I am at the point where I want to say screw it I will give up my desire to have a child so you can have yours and not have any. I am also to the point to tell him to go get a vasectomy however I know that once he does this my dreams will never happen because he will not want to get it undone. PLEASE someone help me and offer an opinion on what I should do! Thanx!

Truth be told you have to think about what means more to you, your husband or your dreams of children. If your husband is unwilling to help you fulfill your dreams, then he may not be the best person for you. Tell him that it is one of your dreams, and that you want his support in it. Don't give him the decision to say no and see his reaction. If you give up your dream for his then you will be building a resentment that will last through out you marriage and can or will destroy it in time. Pin it down with a I am going to fulfill my dream, lets decide together when.

Good Luck

What is wrong with being Child-Free? I am a member of a Child-Free social club. We have a great time, and nobody ever shows up with kids to spoil our good time.

One in five women, in the USA are voluntarily Child-Free. Most have to talk their husbands into going along with it. You should look at this like winning the lotto.

Think about it. Is it really your "dream" to be a mother, or are you just giving into society pressure?

I have a lot of stamps in my passport, and so does my girlfriend because we don't have the burden of children. You can do the same.

Another cool think about not having children is you can keep your youth. I am 41, and my girlfriend is 36. We don't look a day over 30. Most Child-Free people are the same.

I had my vasectomy at 21. It is not that big a deal.

Good luck!

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