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Fireflies in my bathroom?

It was a dream. What does this mean?

What could fireflies mean in dream symbols? Maybe little flashes of intuition
or new ideas flashing into your mind. Insights that occur in a very private way
in a very private place. Could be!

The symbolic meaning of the firefly of course deals with light, illumination and the like. Although an important focus, the issue of light is not the high feature behind the symbolic meaning of the firefly. Rather, it is the messages this wonderous creature gives us while her light is off may be most profound to our growth.

An ordinary looking creature during the day, admittedly, the firefly is a remarkable sight when it glows at night. This is a symbolic message to us humans that although our physical appearance may seem one way - it is our internal makings - what is inside us (such as our spirit) that makes us shine from the inside out. That which is within us will always illuminate us and those around us.

Here is a summary list of symbolic meaning of the firefly:

New Ideas

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